August 26, 2018
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The meeting started at about 11:05am with an opening prayer said by bro. Prince Nwobodo


Spiritual Reflection: this was given briefly by the president bro Nwachukwuenke which was centered on today’s homily which is on knowledge, indulged members to talk about what they learnt during mass.


Reading/ Adoption of Last Minutes

The minute was read by the assistant secretary Sis Chiamaka Nwagwu

Correction on the minute: bro Okoche Isaac corrected that in sport its training not rehearsals and bro Franklin Iyke Ozuoma said we should try to leverage ourselves as regards to the whatsapp platform stating that we bring out a day set aside for members to advertise their business as we are all one. In the absence of any other correction an adoption of the minutes was moved by bro Franklin Azuoma and seconded by bro Iyke Enyinnaya.


Introduction of New Members:

Seven (7) new members (sis Ifeoma Aguata, bro Alagba Teddy,  bro Paschal James Oche, bro Duru Obinna,  bro Ifeanyi,  bro Cyril Maduabuchi and bro Oscar Uwezinba) were introduced by the vice president bro Franklin Ekeocha, who also introduced the CYON activities alongside the CYON Executives to them as well. Bro Paschal James Oche asked if an old member who wants to renew their membership again will still go through the probation process or continue as old member again.


President called on members to suggest how best can promote ourselves. Bro Isaac Okoche suggested, patronizing each other can also go a long way.


The president suggested that we pick a day in every three month that we will talk about what we do and introduce ourselves to each other. A motion was moved by bro Franklin Azuoma and seconded by bro Ezinnaya Chinedu as a working document.


Financial Report: The president begged the house to please still be patient with us as the report will soon be ready.


Green and white day Report: Bro Franklin Ekeocha pleaded that we pay up our own part of the commitment which is 10,000 and the president said it will be paid. The DOS bro Chigozie Nwachukwuenke added his voice stating that those participating in the pageantry should please show up and be committed.


Monthly Dues: The president encouraged the house once again on the need to pay up our monthly dues, as it is for our own good.


Committee Reports:

Forum Committee: Bro Mark Inusa said so far the forum has bein going on fine and also begged members to please come out in mass.

Communication Committee: The chairman bro Godwin Udagbor gave an update stating that it was a collective achievement so far and he thanked the house for making it a successful one. Bro Chikere Emmanuel reacted by saying that if anyone is called upon for a committee and he/she knows you can’t give in your best then it is better you declined. In other words he said “effort is very important” so far so good it was a job well done.

Sport Committee: Sis Diana Unuoha gave an update as she said the sport competition with is today at papas ground by 4:00pm and asked all players to come out on time.

Social Committee: bro Polycarp Okonkwo said so far the drame committee went out to perform and it was successful at Sheraton and they have given the house 30,000 as agreed. But in due time full report will be given/resented to the house. Reactions: Bro Chikere Emmanuel suggested to the committee that be as it may, they should up their game to follow up members that are not functioning in the committee so as to carry them along and bro Ernest Amadi said that committee heads should sit up and think outside the box as their report is not very encouraging, he slao advised members to sit up and come out for functions as it is for everyone’s own good.

Welfare Committee: Bro Emmanuel dad has been buried and Ahaji Kelechi lost his dad this report was given by sis Chika Chukwu the committee head.

Audit Committee: bro Isaac Okoche said work in progress.

Disciplinary Committee: None for now

Works Committee: None for now

Liturgical Committee: an update on the midyear retreat was given by sis Chioma Maduagwu stating that it was a success although some challenge are that members turnout was very low. Recommendation: she said we need singers for such programmes, which is an avenue for members to show case their business.

Bro Godwin Obidia recommended on the effort of the head and organizers as it was a great effort put in there.

Bro Chikere Emmanuel corrected a notion that we all need each other to function well, he also stated that how do the body encourage their new members that they should be carried along also.

The President suggested that a whatsapp group should be created for the probation members.

Bro Jerry Francis suggested that since each new member are already in a zone, it is the work of the coordinators to follow up on their welfare and then from time to time, they will be presented or introduced to the honorable house on completion of their probation period.

In conclusion, the suggestion of bro Jerry Francis was accepted by the house as it is the normal thing to do.


Zonal Report:

2/1 Zone: bro Godwin Obidia gave the report stating his displeasure on why the financial report is not ready. He also stated that members are not fully turning up for the meeting again. The president reacted, stating that if you miss executive council meeting three times as a zonal head or committee head, you will be removed.

Federal Housing Zone: Bro Jerry Francis said that so far so good they are doing well.

Phase four (4): talking on behalf of the head bro Daniel said they were just three (3) in attendances.

  1. Zone: sis Chioma Maduagwu said there was low turnout so the meeting did not hold.

A guest was in our midst that day named Mr. Kennedy Iwundu as he thanked everyone for the just successful concluded spelling bee program and promised to support it as possible as he can.



Bro Paschal James Oche spoke about the spelling bee that some complaint reaching him that the children were not given meaning/definition of words and he is not impressed about it.

Sis Jennifer spoke on behalf of sis Rosemary; after collecting money for not putting on uniform why are they not permitted to still talk?

Bro Chikere Emmanuel said time is important that any meeting exceeding two (2) hours is a waste of time and he said executive should buckle their belt and do better.

Bro Ernest Amadi urged 2/1 zonal head to sit up and do better and also urging everyone in that zone to think of way better way to make the zone active.

Bro Franklin Iyke Azuoma advised that if there can be a way on how to work on membership drive, secondly, he suggested that the resolutions that are in place should be passed in time.

Reactions from the president on some of the A.O.B: The president reacting to the first one sated that bro Paschal James Oche should be involved in the next spelling bee and that we will get better as time goes on.


Sis Glory Ossai is inviting the house in general (CYON CKC Kubwa) to her wedding coming up on 31st August, 2019, here in our parish by 10:00am.


Sis Rosemary Jummai also invites us for her wedding coming up 5th October, 2019 at Holy Cross parish in Kogi state by 10:00am


Money collected was 5300


In the absence of further issues to be deliberated upon, a motion for the adjournment of the meeting was made by Bro. Iyke Franklin Azuoma and was seconded by bro. Isaac Okoche. Closing prayer: was said by bro Jeremiah Adaji at about 2:17pm with the Youth Anthem. 61 persons in attendance


For God and For Youth,

Through Christ.






……………….…………                                 ……….………………………………..

Oketa Victoria Ene                                      Onyekwere G. Nwachukwuneke

Secretary:                                                            President:


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