April 28, 2018
August 26, 2018
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Opening Prayer: The meeting commenced with an opening prayer said by Bro. Joseph-Mary Ejeh at 10:50am.

Reflection: This was given by Bro. Jeremiah Adaji.

Opening Remark: The president, Bro. Onyekwere Nwachukwuneke welcomed members present at the meeting. He also said that the meeting is more of a familiarization process between the new executive and the general house. He also mentioned that the meeting is going to start with recommendation from members on possible ways to bring the CYON CKC Parish together in order to move it forward.

Recommendation from members:

  1. Bro Kennedy Igbokwe kicked against skipping introduction especially for the newly elected executives. He went further to advice the new executives to do a proper research and remove activities not beneficial to CYON. He also mentioned that the executives should have time to deliberate on ideas members bring general meeting.
  2. Bro Chinedu Ezenia advised that the drama group and Thursday youth forums should be revived.
  3. Bro Harrison Uzosike encouraged the newly elected executives to work hand in hand with members especially on the exco resolutions, and also to revive our sports field. He further encouraged every member whether an executive member or not to attend the Thursday forums and a sub-committee set up to spearhead the forum.
  4. Bro Cletus Anowu suggested CYON to buy a band and an umbrella for our business purpose. All informations at forum to go through the PRO. Wash our canopies at least once a month. Create a space where we will keep our passion of Christ costumes and most importantly, pray for Go’s wisdom.
  5. Bro Ernest Iyaji advised the president to embark on unification tour in order to lead the CYON forward. To run an accountable and an open Govt. Whereby CYON run a general assembly body which will be the apex body. Give special attention to welfare and build our capacity generally.
  6. Sis Maryzita Uzochukwu reminded members of the need for punctuality during CYON meetings and other activities.
  7. Bro Emma encouraged the old executrices to advice the new executives and not blame.
  8. Bro Daniel Agbo suggested our communication policy to be enhanced and also encouraged the executives to put the interest of members at heart.


Introduction of New Members – 9 new members were present

  1. Uzoma Chioma –           2/1
  2. Omeire Christiana             –           Berger Camp Quarters
  3. Nwoko Anabel Adanne –           Arab Road
  4. Sunday Louis –           Jabi
  5. Michael Ada –           Behind Army Estate
  6. Omachi Rebecca –            Gbazango Extension
  7. Marilyn Elechi –           Phase 4
  8. Okeke Franlin C. –            Kukwaba
  9. Njoku Gwendolyn Ijeoma – 2/1 Wozobia


The Vice president, Bro Franklin Ekeocha welcomed all the new members and introduced the CYON activities to them as well as the executives.

The president told the house that the PROs and the vice president will come up with a rule that will guide our Whatsapp group. He also encouraged the members to pay up their dues. He furthermore said that committee meetings will now be held twice a month instead of every week except for committees who are preparing for a project.


Deanery Election: The deanery election to be held on 14th July, 2018 and 2 members are to represent CYON CKC at the denary level. The president asked for members to volunteer as delegates.


Archdiocesan Delegates: Archdiocesan election to hold two weeks after the deanery election. Bro Uzodimma Jude Nnanna volunteered as an archdiocesan delegate.


Archdiocesan Quiz Competition: The president informed the house that the archdiocesan Quiz Competition is coming up and three (3) representatives will be needed. In view of that, Bro Joseph-Mary Ejeh Bro Michael and Sis Agbakoba Sandra were chosen.


Archdiocesan Youth Week: To be held from 26-29th July, 2018.


Spelling Bee Report: The Spelling Bee chairperson, Sis Cynthia Mozie reported that sales of forms have started but sponsorship letters have not yet gone out due to the wait for transaction in CYON government.

The president encouraged the members not to relegate work to the committee in charge alone but to show our support.


Crowning of Mr. And Miss CYON: The Director of Social, Bro Chigozie Nwachukwuneke crowned Bro Prince Michael Sunday  and Sis Maryzita Uzochukwu as the 2018 new Mr. & Miss CYON after their emergence to the new position during the CYON CKC youth week.


Assigning of Committees: The vice president assigned committee to the new members and to those that don’t have committees at all. A 20mins committee meeting were held for familiarization sake after which feedback was given by a member of each committee on days of meeting.

  1. Sis Agala Blessing – Communication Committee 1st & 3rd Mondays – 7pm
  2. Bro Nwachukwuneke Chigozie – Social Committee 1st & 3rd Tuesday – 7pm
  3. Bro Harrison Uzosike – Project Committee every Saturdays – 8pm
  4. Bro Franklin Ekeocha – Welfare Committee every Tuesdays – 7pm
  5. Liturgical Committee – Bro Prince Nwobodo 1st & 2nd Fridays – 7pm
  6. Bro Daniel Agbo – Audit Committee every 1st Mondays
  7. Bro Kennedy Igbokwe – Disciplinary Committee, No meeting date yet
  8. Sports Committee – No meeting held.

The president thanked every committee members for their support and encouraged us to do more.



  • Bro Harrison Uzosike complained that he has paid for both tat CYON National ID card and constitution but is yet to be given any also he pleaded to be given the passion of Christ CD.
  • Bro Kennedy Igbokwe called for accountability by CYON office holders and also encouraged members to be active whether elected, nominated or not.
  • Bro Ernest Amadi urged committee members to always map out their budget for any project and send to their executives. He also reminded us of the CYON slogan, “For God and for Youth” in every CYON gathering.
  • Sis Sandra Achi complained of low Communication messages.



A visit to our July general meeting by Mr. Cosmos on “Own your life campaign”.

Youth exchange coming up on 30th June at Gaube. Registration fee – N2,000 per each of the 2 delegates. Time: 5pm.

CKC Parish Communication Committee launches “CKC Digest” on 1st July, 2018.


Financial Report:


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned by Sis Stephen Mary and seconded by Sis Ugwuoke Lilian.


Closing Prayer the meeting ended with a closing prayer said by Bro Ernest Amadi by 1:12pm.




Bro Onyekwere Nwachukwuneke                                                     Sis. Cynthia Mozie

President                                                                                               Secretary


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  1. Mr. Aloysius Dyuran. says:

    This is a great and wonderful development. Am so very much impressed. May you be encouraged beyond this development. The secretary should endeavor to pay close attention to spellings. To crown it all, it’s a good job done.

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