July 21, 2018
September 19, 2019
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 Opening Prayer: was said by sis Christiana Omeire at 10:50 am.


Reflections: This was said by bro Josephmary Ejeh, it was centered on the children of God being shepherd and able to flock its sheep.


Opening Remark: The president Bro Onyekwere Nwachukwuneke welcomed members present at the meeting. He also begged members to please try to come for meeting on time so as to meet up with time.


Minutes: The minute of the previous meeting was read by the general secretary sis Cynthia Mozie.


Observation: There was none


Adoption: the motion for adoption was moved by bro Stephen Mary and was seconded by bro Ezenia Chinedu.


Introduction of New Members: 5(five) new members were introduced.

  1. Ikemphogence Florence –            Kagini
  2. Nuwa .S. Nassara –            FCDA
  3. Godwin Kinyen –            Berger Camp
  4. Ogugwo Chukwuebuka –            2/1
  5. Omoregie Efosa –            Phase 3, Kubwa


The vice president Bro Franklin Ekeocha welcomed the new members and introduced the activities to them as well as the executive council members. They were assigned into various committees and a 20mins committee meeting was held for recommendation.



The president Bro Onyekwere Nwachukwuneke said that the CYON Archdiocesain weekcommences on the 6th of July (Friday) and begged members to participate as it will be held here in our parish.


DENARY ELECTION: the election commences today (22nd) July immediately after the general meeting.

The president asked for volunteer to represent us at the harvest committee and Bro Alex Aputazie was chosen. The names of new members for previous meeting were called out and the president thanked them for coming, and encouraged them to keep it up.

The president Bro Onyekwere Nwachukwuneke also talked about the glam trust health Committee introduced the hepatitis free medical care that is coming up and urged members to come out and support the house in carrying out the road walk awareness.



EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION: The PRO Bro Joseph Mary Ejeh read out the resolution as thus:

  1. R.O & President should be in all the whatsapp group created so as to look into welfare of members.
  2. Registration of new members will be supervised for 3 meeting consecutively.
  3. Committee meetings will be held just twice in a month so that members in more than one committee can function well.
  4. Financial reports will be published online for easy accessibility.
  5. All committees should have templates: i.e. the order to give reports.
  6. Reports from all project executed should be compiled within 3 weeks so as to avoid excuses on why it is not ready as at when due.
  7. Announcements/ messages should be passed through the P.R.O.
  8. Sports: every fourth Saturday of the month. There will be aerobics at the volleyball court.
  9. Church cleaning: All CYON members must be present at the church cleaning & excos will receive twice of the punishment if they miss.
  10. Join in every CYON activities, attendance will be strictly taken care of



The vice president Bro Franklin Ekeocha read out the rules stating that:

  1. All zonal head/committee should send names of members to be added on the group.
  2. No posting of junks.
  3. No use of the-F- words on the group (whatsapp).
  4. If you are found wanting, you will be removed from the group until the president says otherwise.



The outgoing president Bro Jeremiah Adaji read out his hand over note to the general house, thanking the Parish Priest (Rev. Fr. Oluoma), our former chaplain (Rev. Fr. Damian Akut), the present chaplain (Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Onuma), all members and executives for the support throughout the journey so far.


The outgone president officially handedover all the documents and keys belonging to CYON and CYON office respectively to the present Bro Onyekwere Nwachukwuneke.

  • Fr. Emmanuel Alao visited the house and urged especially the excos to be good leaders. He appreciated the house for been available for the meetings & the commitment in church activities generally and appeal to members to get involved in the life of the youth organization. He appealed to the excos to preoccupy the youth with activities as it is the best way to win the heart of the youths, in order words the house should brain storm.


A.B.O the president said there will be an interim committee head committee where splitted into groups to choose their heads.


Social Committee: Bro Alex Aputazie to be assisted by Sis Fejiro Edafe

Communication committee: Bro Charles Anolue  

Project committee: Bro Chibuike Orji

Sports committee: None was appointed yet

Welfare committee: Chika

Liturgical committee: Chioma Maduagu


  • Bro Alex Aputazie asked if the passport and money that was submitted to the almanac for publishment will be returned since it wasn’t published again i.e. during the last regime.
  • Bro Kennedy Igokwe complained about the low turnout of members in disciplinary committee.



  • An Invitation to the house for the wedding solemnization of some CYON members on 28th July by 10:am.
  • CKC digest was introduced to the house and members were asked to patronize them.
  • Bro Kalu Thomas (MC Godpikin) a representative of Glamtrust Foundation begged youths to come out for the road walk taking place on Friday, 27th July.

 Adjournment: motion for adjournment was moved by sis Chikadibia and seconded by Sis Stellamaris.

Closing Prayer: The meeting ended with a closing prayer said by Bro John Sunday at exactly 1:10pm.

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