Minutes For CYON GENERAL MEETING HELD ON 22ND OCTOBER, 2017 and Financial Reports

October 21, 2017
February 24, 2018
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Opening Prayer: Opening prayer was said by Bro. John Sunday at 10:40am.


Opening Remark: The president Bro. Jeremiah Adaji welcomed all members present to the meeting. He said it is by the grace of God that we are alive to see the day and prayed for successful deliberation.


Reflection: The president, Bro. Jeremiah Adaji urged members to hold on to God. He said as Christians, we are saved from all sort of negativities. He also said with faith, we do not need to fear the uncertainties of life.


Introduction of New Members: 6 new members were introduced;

  1. Ekun Gift Barine –           Phase 4
  2. Eneh Stella –           Kubwa Ext. By Duste
  3. Agwu Ogochukwu –           Kubwa Ext. by Dutse
  4. Odera Belonwu C. –           2/2
  5. Jane Nwafor –           Phase
  6. Onwuchekwa Collins U. 2/1


The general secretary, sis Nonye Agnes Okoye welcomed the new members and introduced the activities of the organization to them as well as the executive council members. They were assigned into various committees.


Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting was read by the General Secretary, Sis Okoye Agnes Nonye.



Bro Iyke Azuoma observed that N4,500 was realised as cash for October refreshment and N2,000 as pledge as against N6,500 captured in the minutes.


Adoption: The motion for adoption was moved by Bro Joseph Mary Ejeh and was seconded by Sis Cynthia Mozie.



Bulk SMS: The president apologised to those who didn’t receive sms and asked that they should write down their names.


T-Shirt: He said the price of the T-shirt is N1,800, he said it is optional but advisable since it is a substitute for the black and white.





Deanery Retreat: Bwari Deanery;

Theme: The power of vision

Date: 29/10/2017

Tme: 10am

Venue: St. Johnmary Vianney


Constitution Review

The president reported that the review has been completed, but that the amended copies are suppose to go to the desks of our chaplain and the parish priest before it can be printed as a working document for the organization.


CYON Entitlement: The president corrected that the N15,000 given as entitlement for belonging to CYON is not when you join the organization but rather when a member is getting married he also said, deductions will be made if a member is owing and  what is left will be given as benefit. On that note, he advised members to clear up their debts.

He also said the benefit of a CYON member marrying another is N50,000.


Social committee head: The new committee head, Sis patience Dangaru was introduced to the general house. He urged members to give her the maximum supports to carry out her assigned duties.


Debt List: The list of debtors and how much they are owing was read to the general house. The president urged members to clear up their debts.


Reactions: Bro Ernest Iyagi said it is important the debt recovery committee works towards getting debtors to pay.


2017 Cultural Fiesta Update: The chairperson, Sis Lizzy Nwoga gave the update concerning the cultural fiesta. She reported that the parish priest has approved the activities and hence the ball is in our court. She also said the invitation cards are ready and appealed to members to at least get one and support the committee.

She urged the kickoff of geopolitical zonal activities come Thursdays 26th Oct, 2017.


Magazine Update: The communication committee head, Bro. Franklin Ekeocha said work has started in earnest for the 7th Edition of sapientia magazine and thanked members of his committee for their efforts so far. He said the magazine is open for articles.


Sis Isioma Uguru Faith reminded members to send in articles. She said members should inform them on anyone they feel to grant interview.


The chairman gave the run-down of the advert rates:

Back centre              –           60,000

Inside front page     –           50,000

Double centre          –           100,000

Full page                   –           20,000

Half page                   –           15,000

Quarter page            –           10,000

Classified adverts   –           5,000


Ember Deserting: Bro Prince Nwobodo reported that the ember deserting will no longer be on the 12th Nov. 2017 as earlier scheduled because of our mini harvest taking place on the same day. He said a new date will be communicated.



Welfare: Bro Iyke Azuoma reported that Sis Constance Jacobs was visited at the Kubwa General Hospital. He reported that her operation was successful and that she has been discharged.

He also reported that Sis Judith Ohaeri that lost the mum was visited, and he thanked those who made it to the wake-keep. He appealed to members to always come out when these support is required.

He apologized to Sis Mozie Cynthia that the house has not visited her and promised we will.



PROJECT:                 Bro Harrison Uzosike gave his report;

Meeting days-          Saturdays in the morning

Activities      –           Rental and car wash

Challenges    –           Law patronage from CYON members

Way forward-          Members should endeavour to support the business by patronizing and also introducing potential customers.


SOCIAL:                    Sis. Patience Dangaru reported that her committee is organizing a relationship and marriage hangout

Date   –                       28/10/2017

Venue –                       Grand valley Hotel, Kubwa

Time  –                       2pm


COMMUNICATION: Bro Franklin Ekeocha gave his report;

Meeting days –         Mondays by 7pm

Activity         –           Sapientia magazine

Challenges    –           Low turnout of members, sourcing for magazine adverts and getting articles from members.

Way forward-          The organization should take the magazine as her own and not leave it to the communication committee.


Zonal Reports:


Zonal Coordinator:             Harrison Uzosike

Venue of meting:                 2/1 Garden, Kubwa

Time:                                     4:30pm

Date:                                      3rd Sundays of every month

Challenges:                           Lateness to meeting

Way forward:                      Trying to introduce activities that will bring back members.

PW:                            Sis Mary Chioma Agu gave her report;

Meeting Venue:       Block 73, flat 1, PW Kubwa

Meetings Time:       4pm

Days:                          3rd Sundays of every month           

Challenges:               Poor turnout and lateness of members

Way forward:          Regular reminders for meetings


F.H.A:                         Bro Prince Nwobodo gave his report;

Meeting Venue:       Federal Hosing, 303 Road

Meeting Time:         4pm

Days:                          3rd Sundays of every month

Challenges:               Poor turnout and lateness of members to meeting

Way forward:          Numbers of weak members were given to active members to follow up.


Phase 4:                    Bro Iyke Azuoma gave his report;

Meeting Venue:       Club 24 Garden, beside Phase 4 bridge.

Meeting time:          5pm

Days:                          3rd Sundays of every month

Challenges:               Members not frequently attending meetings.

Way forward:          Increasing the membership base (number)


Deanery Report: The Deanery coordinator, Bro Samuel Mary Okoye was welcomed. Bro thanked members for their turnout during the receiving of the NYD cross at Papal’s Ground.

He also urged members to plan to attend the deanery retreat. He also informed that this year’s Duste Maria Pilgrimage will be on the 8th of December, 2017 and also deanery end of the year party will be on 25th November, 2017.


Disciplinary Committee Head: Bro Kennedy Igbokwe was appointed the new committee head due to the resignation of Bro Joseph Wada Arome.



  • Bro Sado Christian complained that he has problem with his zonal head, that he doesn’t inform him about meetings.
  • Bro Godwin Obidah Akor suggested that new members who are on probation and are due for registration should be announced. He also said concerning the debt list some of the people mentioned have relocated. He spoke about the forum, he urged members t be active and not let it die.
  • Sis Cynthia Mozie corrected the edition of the magazine as printed on the cultural fiesta invitation card, she said it is 7th edition and not 6th She also said the form for the face of sapientia is out and urged members who are interested to pick the forms.
  • Bro Pascal Amaechi commended the effort towards the forum and also appealed to the president to give those in charge his word to continue the good works.
  • Bro Kennedy Igbokwe reported that CYON chairs are seen in places they are not rented, and hence urged the project committee head to look into it.



Letter of Apology was received from Sis Anthonia Mary Ebolum.

Letter of invitation was received from Mr. Patrick Fernandez.


Date               28th October, 2017

Mass               12noon

Venue            CKC, Kubwa

Reception     Papal’s Ground 1:30pm


Vote of Thanks: This was given by Sis Lizzy Nwoga, she appreciated members for the beautiful deliberations and also staying till the end.


Adjournment: Motion for adjournment was moved by Sis Faith Uguru Isioma, seconded by Sis Alexandria Abakoba.


Closing Prayer was said by the Deanery coordinator, Bro Samuel Mary Okoye at exactly 2.05pm.




Bro Jeremiah Adaji                                                                      Sis. Nonye Agnes Okoye

President                                                                                               Secretary



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