Minutes For CYON GENERAL MEETING HELD ON 22ND OCTOBER, 2017 and Financial Reports
December 10, 2017
March 24, 2018
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Opening Prayer: The meeting commenced with an opening prayer said by sis Lizzy Nwoga at 11:00am.


Welcome Speech: The vice president Bro. Moses Kpaasu welcomed all members present at the first meeting of the year. He encouraged us to be new people in this year 2018.

The vice president apologies to the general house for the unavailability of the minutes reason been that the assistant general secretary sis Blessing Agala lost the mother and she travelled without dropping the minutes.


Introduction of New Members: The vice president Bro Moses Kpaasu welcomed all members and introduced the activities of the organization as well as the executives council members to them.

Names of the new members are:

  1. Emmanuel Amesedo
  2. Zino Aterezi
  3. Opera Ifeoma
  4. Ojukwu Uchenna
  5. Ajinka Joseph. Six new members joined the organization

The president bro Jeremiah Adaji welcomed all members present to 2018. He emphasised on CYON uniform. He said the national uniform which is the main uniform for CYON goes for N2,500 that white on black is a substitute and at parish level T Shirt is a substitute.


Defaulter: Valentine Ufele was asked by the president to pay the sum of 50:00 otherwise leave the meeting for causing distraction during the meeting.


Minutes: Bro Godwin Obidah moved the motion for the unavailability of the minutes and the motion was seconded by sis Alexandra Agbakoba.


The president bro Jeremiah Adaji called on members to pay up their debts. He also asked the financial secretary and treasurer to bring a comprehensive list of all those owing the organization in the next meeting. He also informed the house that one of the criteria for election is that you must be financially up to date.


Pet Project: President appealed to members to link us up with people that can support us financial for the project. He said our target is 3.4million and that we are still very far from it.


Constitution Review: The vice president bro Moses Kpaasu said the amended constitution is at the desk of our chaplain to enable him make his corrections and that he pleaded with us to give him a little time. Bro promised that by February meeting the constitution will be ready.


Parish Priest Embargo on non-membership clearance: The president bro Jeremiah Adaji informed the house that the Parish Priest has instructed that non-members of CYON should be wedded without CYON clearance. On this note he informed the general house that we will be meeting with him on Monday after evening mass.


2018 Working Calendar: The president promised that by February meeting that the program for the year will be printed and given to committee heads to give to their members.


Sales of Magazine: The president bro Jeremiah Adaji informed the general house that we still have about 380 left over copies of magazine. He appealed to members to help out in selling the magazine. He reported that some excos and members went to all Saint Duste to sale magazine and we realised the sum of N30,000 for the sales. He called on members to join us next Sunday to sale the magazine at church of annunciation.


Cultural Fiesta Report: The chairperson sis Lizzy Nwoga reported that the event was a success; she promised that the report will be presented in the next meeting.


Rental & Carwash Report: The president informed the house that we were supposed to get our report last December bur to no avail. He called for members reactions.

  • Bro Elvis said he was called by the project chairman to get the report from the financial secretary and help him present it.
  • The vice president bro Modes Kpaasu said the report cannot be presented because it has to do with finance.
  • A motion was called, bro Ejeh Josephmary moved the motion that the report cannot be presented in the absent of the project chairman and the motion was seconded by bro Sado Christian.
  • Bro Godwin Obidah said no report should exceed, next month, he called on all those in charge of any report to tidy up their reports and present them in our next meeting.
  • Bro Jude Esom moved the motion that bro Harrison Uzosike should be invited to present a typed and audited rentals report come Feb meeting and this motion was seconded by bro Josephmary Ejeh.
  • The president informed the house that a letter has been written to Harrison at the exco level but he rejected our letter.
  • Bro Godwin Obidah said no report of CYON that is due for presentation should exceed the month of February. He called on all those in charge not to fail.


New Year Revival: The president informed the general house that CYON New Year revival comes up on 8th of February. The theme for the revival is “Settle me Oh God”. He called on members to come and received God’s blessing.

Bro Josephmary Ejeh appealed to members to sponsor the stickers that will be used as souvenirs that a sticker goes for N40.00 bro also informed the house that passion play rehearsal starts after the revival.

The president bro Jeremiah Adaji appealed to members who want to support the priest coming to please do so and be blessed.

Valentine Hangout: The president informed the house that it will takes place on the 17th of February at merit house. Individuals were asked to pay the sum of N500 for transportation while the organization will take care of what to eat.


Leadership Workshop comes up 15th February.



Financial Report: The financial secretary apologised to the general house that the report was not ready she promised presenting it in our next meeting.

The president appealed to the financial secretary that the report should not exceed next month.


Communication Report: Bro apologised for the delays.

Almanac Report: Bro Franklin Ekeocha the chairman asked members to submit their Names, Date of Birth, Occupation and Pictures. Bro said excos are to pay N1,000 while members N500.


Spelling Bee Report:


Income          –           N273,300

Expenses      –           N271,675

Balance         –           N162,500

A receipt of purchase of spelling bee items was presented to the house.


Bro Jude Esom said since the event is not funded by CYON that there is now need of deliberating much on it.

The vice president bro Moses Kpaasu said henceforth communication should present their budget for Spelling Bee so that the organization will sponsor it. He informed the house that spelling Bee is CYON project and not the committee.


Adoption of the Report: The motion for the adoption of the report was moved by bro Jude Esom and the motion was seconded by bro Alex Ogugo.


Zonal Reports:

PW Zone: Bro Josephmary Ejeh gave their report on behalf of her co-ordinator sis Chioma Agu. Bro said they had their meeting with eight (8) members in attendance and that two (2) of their members got admission and that they have contacted their members in school.


Phase 4 Zone: Bro Frank Azuoma the coordinator reported that there was no official meeting in his zone because of low turnout of members.


The president asked the zonal heads to give a detailed report in the next meeting and the zonal heads that did not send representatives should give an apology letter explaining why they were not in the meeting.


Committee’s Report:

Disciplinary Committee: Bro Kennedy Igbokwe gave a rundown of the previous amended constitution before the new one arrives to clear the doubt of those who think CYON has no constitution at the moment.

Bro Josephmary Ejeh asked the disciplinary head to make copies and distribute to committee heads and zonal heads to give to their members.


Welfare Committee: Bro Frank Azuoma reported that a gift worth of N6,000.00 was given to our chaplain on his 5 years priestly anniversary.

Bro said benefits have been given to some members both wedding and sick benefits and some are yet to get theirs.

He informed the house that former Mr. CYON Chinedu Ezennia had a surgery and that the house will visit him after the general meeting.

He announced that welfare meeting will hold within the week.


Pet Project: Bro informed the house that they have been working for the actualization of the computer institute. He promised presenting white and black report in our next meeting.

The president charged the committee to fast track their activities to enable them get target of 3 million.


He also recognised the present of the emeritus president, bro Victor Yusuf and family who were in our midst.


Archdiocesan/Deanery Report

The president informed the house that there will be a leadership workshop on 3rd of March 2018 at All Saints Duste he said parishes are expected to come with 20 members or more and each person is to pay the sum of N500.00 for certificate. He said the workshop in mandatory for all those veering for post, he encouraged us to come out for the workshop.

Deanery election will be in the month of May, no specific date yet.

Deanery meeting comes up on 4th February at St. Theresa’s Parish Bwari


Archdiocesan Report: The president said parishes’ election has been shifted from March to April.

NYD is at Calabar Archdioceses from 7th till 11th August, 2018 and each participant is to pay N25,000 and must go as a group.

Deanery is starting a year with the Lord and the venue is CKC 11th of February and the speaker is Rev. Fr. John Oluoma. He encouraged members to come out. The theme is “I must do exploit”.

The president bro Jeremiah Adaji begged to leave the meeting for other engagement and he handed over the presiding to the vice president bro Moses Kpaasu.



  • Bro Godwin Obidah informed the house that sports has resumed training. He appealed to members to come out for the training every Saturday. Bro also complained that some reports are due for presentation. He said delayed reports discourages members.
  • Bro Ufele Valentine complained about low turnout of members during meeting he blamed the present administration for that.
  • Bro Jude Esom observed that most members did not come to meeting with CYON uniform.
  • He appealed to all those that are yet to give their report to please do so without further delays
  • He called on sports chairman bro Joseph Ekpo to bring back CYON football.
  • Bro Christian Sado complained about the audit chairman not calling for meeting and auditing reports alone.
  • Bro Onuoha Jude suggested the printing of appeal fund card to help us get fund for the pet project.
  • Bro Alex Ugugo asked for the specific time for the meeting.
  • Bro Collins Ejimadu appreciated all members that visited him to rejoice with him for his new baby.
  • Bro Kennedy Igbokwe reminded the zonal heads that disciplinary head and members will be visiting their meeting.
  • He frowned at those who come late for the meeting, he submitted the sum of N550.00 realized for late coming.
  • Reacting to bro Christian Sado’s AOB. The vice president bro Moses Kpaasu said if he was not called for meeting during which a particular report was audited that he has the right to stop the presentation of such report.
  • The vice president appealed to remember his cousin who died few hours ago in prayers.



This was presented by the PRO bro Godwin Nwachukwuneke.

Bro called on members to be good ambassadors of youth and become part of the solution.

A letter from Chicken Republic; adverting their business.

Book Launch written by deanery coordinator bro Okoye. Sam “Education key to success”. He encouraged members to have an account with it. Flyers were given to members.


Finance: N13,550 was realized on dues, registration etc.


Closing Remark: The vice president thanked members for their patience and their kind sitting.


Adjournment: In the absence of further deliberations Bro Okoye George moved the motion for adjournment of meeting and the motion was seconded by sis Odey Mary.


Closing: The meeting came to a close by 1:51pm with the closing prayer said by the vice president Bro Moses Kpaasu.



Bro Jeremiah Adaji                                                          Sis Nonye Agnes Okoye

President                                                                                          Secretary

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