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March 24, 2018
July 21, 2018
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Opening Prayer: The meeting commenced with an opening prayer said by bro Josephmary Ejeh at 11:00am.


Opening Remark: The president bro. Jeremiah Adaji welcomed all members present at the meeting. He encouraged members to seek the permission of the provost before doing anything to avoid distraction. He implored members to be brief in their deliberation so as to close early.


Reflection: The reflection of the day was given by the president bro Jeremiah Adaji. “Denying Christ” He encouraged members to be true Christians no matter the challenges and the tough situations in our country.


Introduction of New Members: The vice president Bro Moses Kpaasu welcomed all members and introduced the activities of the organization as well as the executive council members to them. The organization recorded (20) twenty new members in the month of March.


Adoption of the Agenda: The motion for the adoption of agenda was moved by bro Josephmary Ejeh and was and seconded by bro Celestine Okoli.


Minutes: The reading of the previous minutes was read by sis Okoye Agnes Nonye.



The president bro Jeremiah Adaji corrected that to be eligible for the archdiocesan election a member must have two (2) leadership certificate while one (1) certificate at the parish level.


Adoption of the Minutes: The motion for the adoption of minutes was moved by bro Josephmary Ejeh and was seconded by bro Celestine Okoli.


The following persons were given time to address the house.

The president bro Jeremiah Adaji welcomed the seminarian in our midst by name bro Simon Tarbo.

Bro said he was happy to identify himself with us. The president appreciated him for seeing it fit to be a member.


Kingdom Empowerment Project: The speaker said this program is restricted only to Nigerians. He said a grant of N5,000 to N500,000 will be given to a participant after the person has been trained. He called for interested persons to write down their names.


The president recognised the presence of the following persons:

Bro Martins Anyarogu

Mrs. Shiella Ilogbaka

Bro Oliva Agba

Matters Arising:

Debtor List: The financial secretary sis Ebere Onuoha apologised that the list was not ready that they are still working on it.

The president implored members to pay their debt and adviced financial secretary to repent and get the update list ready.


The general house welcomed our chaplain Rev. Fr. Damian Samuel Akut with the Youth Anthem.


Appeal Letter: The president appealed to members to pick up the letters. He appreciated bro Ernest Iyagi for the money he brought in.

The president called on members to move the motion for the withdrawal of 1,650 (One Million Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand) from CYON account for star up.

Bro Junior Onuoha showed general house how the computer institute will look like on the projector.

The president appreciated bro for the good job even without given him any grant. He also appreciated the pet project committee.


Adoption: The motion that the sum of One Million Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand naria be withdrawn from CYON account for the project start up was moved by bro Josephmary Ejeh and the motion was seconded by bro Junior Onuoha.


Electoral Committee: The president called on the 3 man committee members to be inaugurated by our chaplain.

Mrs. Shiella Ilogbaka

Bro Chimezie Eke, the chairman

Bro Oliva Agba

Their aim is to champion CYON election which comes up on 29thApril, 2018.


The guideline was given to them.

During the inauguration of the three man committee Fr. advised them to be transparent and also appealed to members to give them their cooperation.


The chairman of the committee bro Chimezie Eke thanked our chaplain and the general house for finding them worthy to conduct the election of CYON. He promised that they will study the guideline and carryout what is written on it.


Constitution Review: The vice president bro Moses Kpaasu reported that the chaplain has given the committee the go ahead to print the reviewed constitution. He said Fr. has effected his input. Bro said the cost of printing is N450.00 per copy.  500 copies will cost N225,000. The house agreed to print 250 copies which is N112,500.

The president bro Jeremiah Adaji appreciated the vice president and his committee for the job well done. He Implored members to be committed members.


Adoption: The motion for the adoption of the printing of the constitution was moved by bro Josephmary Mary Ejeh and was seconded by bro Anita Ojou Michael.


Update from New Year Revival: The chairman of liturgical committee bro Prince Nwobodo apologized to the general house for not being present at the last general meeting to present his report. Bro said the revival was a huge success.


Summary of the financial report

Income                      –           1,969,740.00

Expenditure              –              470,030.00

Grand Total               –           1,499,710.00


Adoption: The motion for the adoption of the report was moved by bro Uzodimma Felix and seconded by sis Lucy Ahanotu.

The president bro Jeremiah Adaji appreciated the parish priest and our chaplain for their support.


Deanery Workshop: The president bro Jeremiah Adaji reported that only eight (8) persons represented CKC.


Parish Election: The president bro Jeremiah Adaji encouraged members to avail themselves for the parish leadership workshop on 12th April, 2018.


Cultural Fiesta Report: This was presented by the chairperson Sis Lizzy Nwoga.


Total cash      –           1,127,790

Pledges          –              576,000

Expenditure  –              353,000


Adoption: The motion for the adoption of the reported was moved by bro Franklyn Azuoma and seconded by bro Josephmary Ejeh.


Almanac update: Bro Frank Ekeocha called on members to pay their money to enable them produce the almanac.


Magazine Report: The report was presented by bro Frank Ekeocha the chairman of communication.



Total income            2,023,590.00

Total expenses             410,010.00

Total balance            1,613,580.00


Bro appreciated all those who worked with him. He also thanked the president and the supervisor for working with him.

The president also appreciated the committee and prayed that God will reward them.


Adoption: The motion for the adoption of the report was moved by sis Ngozi Okoli and was seconded by bro Celestine Okoli.


Committee and Zonal Head: The president bro Jeremiah Adaji reminded those of them that were not at the last meeting that they were asked to tender an apology letter.


Rental/Car Wash Report: Bro Harrison Uzosike apologised to the general house for the delays of his report.



Income from rentals           –           294,630.00

Income from car wash        –             43,000.00

Balance                                  –           337,630.00


Adoption: The motion for the adoption of the report was moved by bro Josephmary Ejeh and was seconded by Bro Felix Uzodimma.


Bayelsa Journey: The president Bro Jeremiah Adaji thanked God for journey mercies granted to those who travelled to Bayelsa for our sister mother’s burial. He thanked the parish priest for his generosity. He informed the house that some people borrowed us N105,000 to bring back our members back  from Bayelsa. He begged members to contribute to enable us pay back what was borrowed.


Award/Dinner Report: The DOS I bro Cletus Anowu reported that awards will be given to members who worked for the organization. His budgets for the award is 320,000. He called on members to buy tickets. The date is 14th April, 2018.


Regular          –              500

VIP                  –           1,500

DVIP               –           2,500


Adoption: The motion for the adoption of the release of N302,000 was moved by bro Godwin Obidah and was seconded by sis Victoria Ogeta.


Passion play: Bro Cletus Anowu the DOS I appreciated Rev. Sr Patricia Okpara for all her effort in securing good costumes and other materials needed for the passion of Christ.

He gave the budget of N145,000 for the feeding and to acquire other materials needed. He informed the general house that Sr. Patricia has given us the sum of N28,000 for the clip mic.

The president called for contribution from members to enable us get the things needed which some members contributed. The total money contributed from members was N15000 cash and N17,000 pledge.

Boba Job: The president informed the house that it will be done on the 6th April to argument the money for the Bayelsa trip.


Pet Project: The report was given by bro Franklyn Azuoma the chairman.

Summary:      Income          –           N130,000

Expenses       –           N21,240

Balance          –           108760


Adoption: The Adoption of the report was moved by bro Josephmary Ejeh and was seconded by sis Mary Agu.


Financial Report: The CYON financial report was given by sis Ebere Onuoha the financial secretary.

Summary  Report as at 1st October 2017-28th February 2018

Income          –           3,312,083.54

Expenditure –           1,417,441.74

Cash in Bank –           1,791,563.54

Cash at hand –              103,140.63

Draft               –                  6,283.63


The house was informed by the president that the parish priest said he will talk to good parishioners to give CYON members job.

He said that a gift will be presented to CYON members who are married to CYON members on the day of their thanksgiving in the church.


Chaplain Speech: Rev. Fr. Damian Akut appreciated all those present at the meeting. On the forth coming election fr. said one must be financially up to date.

He mandated the treasure and financial secretary to get the debtors list ready.

He encouraged members to pay their dues.

He said nomination is not allowed members should indicate interest.

Fr. Said manifesto should be allowed.

He encouraged the new members to wear white and black for meeting.

He implored members to obey the office of the president.

He frowned at the old members who are not properly dressed.

On Financial Report:  Fr. said financial report should be monthly and any committee that fails to give its report as at when due should be sanctioned.

Fr. said, he is not pleased with car wash and rental report and every other report that was presented.

Fr. thanked all the members who travelled to Bayelsa, he thanked God for their effort and sacrifice. He informed the house that the church bus is still in Delta and that church has spent over N3000,000 on the bus.

Fr. pleaded with members to support the executive.

Fr. informed the general house that he has been transferred to twelve apostle as a resident priest and chaplain in charge of hospitals.

Bayelsa trip contribution



Summary:    Cash                –           7,300

Transfer         –                500

Pledge            –              8600

Total               –           16,400



A wedding invitation was read to the house from sis Cynthia Osuagwu on the 5th May at Holy family Catholic Church Life Camp. Reception at Evelyn Centre Gwarimpa.

All Federal housing zone are to meet with the coordinator after the meeting.


Igna & Co. Management consultancy Ltd offers proposal for training.


CWO CKC invites us to their 2018 Mothers’ Day Celebration.

Date: Sunday, April 8, 2018-04-24 Time: 10:30am, Venue: Christ the King Parish

Passion of Christ Movie show by Oko CKC Valentine Ufele at Silver Bird.


Votes of Thanks: This was given by bro Cletus Anowu. Bro thanked the members unbehalf of the executive for their patience during the meeting.


Adjournment: The motion for the adjournment of the meeting was moved by –bro Josephmary Ejeh— and was second by bro Godwin Obidah


Closing: The meeting came to a close with a closing blessing said by our chaplain at 3:00pm.




Bro Jeremiah Adaji                                                           Sis Nonye Agnes Okoye

President                                                                                           Secretary


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