February 24, 2018
Liturgical Committee Report on 2018 Revival – CYON CKC
March 24, 2018
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Opening prayer: The meeting commenced with an opening prayer said by bro. Josephmary Ejeh at 10:20am.

Welcome Remark: The president bro. Jeremiah Adaji welcomed all those present at the meeting and urged all to be brief with their contribution and maintain decorum.

Reflection: The reflection of the day was given by the president bro. Jeremiah Adaji “Remember your creator while you are still young” Eccl 11:1-2.

The president bro. Jeremiah Adaji called on members to use the time we have judiciously like Hezekiah who served the Lord in his youthful age and when the Lord requires his life he reminded him how he served him as youth and the Lord relent from taking his life. He said time to belong to youth expires.

Adoption of Agenda: The adoption of the agenda was moved by bro. Josephmary Ejeh and the motion was seconded by bro. Celestine Okoli.

Introduction of New members: The vice president bro. Moses Kpaasu welcomed all the new members and introduced the activities of the organization as well as the executive council members to them. The organization recorded forty-six (46) new members.

Minutes: The reading of the previous minutes was read by the secretary sis. Okoye Agnes Nonye.

Corrections and observations:

  • Onuoha Junior corrected his name.
  • The president bro. Jeremiah Adaji corrected that black and white is a substitute for national uniform while T. shirt is a substitutes for CKC parish.
  • The president corrected that the names of officers on rentals/car wash report was written in pen and not typed that was the reason why the report was not presented.
  • The president also corrected that the money for the Revival was to support the priest transport fair.

Adoption of the minutes: The motion for the adoption of the previous minutes was moved by bro. Onuoha Junior and the motion was seconded by bro. Josephmary Ejeh.


Debtors list update: The president apologized tothe house that the financial secretary sis. Ebere Onuoha did not update the list. He mandated her to jointly work with the treasurer and the audit to get the report ready before the next general meeting.

Pet Project Update: The president bro. Jeremiah Adaji appealed to the general house to pick up the appeal letters to give to their boss, parents, guardians and friends.

 Constitution Review: The president bro. Jeremiah Adaji said that the constitution is still on the desk of our chaplain.  He pleaded that we still give him a little time.

Parish Priest Embargo on Wedding Clearance: The president informed the house that the parish priest has assured to help us in other to move the organization forward after our meeting with him.

2018 Calendar: The president bro. Jeremiah Adaji informed the house that it was ready. On valentine night show he encouraged members to write their names when they come for any CYON functions. He said the event was a success.

 Leadership Workshop: The president bro Jeremiah Adaji informed the house that the leadership seminar comes up 1st of March for all the members after evening mass.

He said certificates will be given to all those who participated. Leadership workshop comes up on the 15th of March. The president informed the house that without at least 2 leadership certificate. You will not be eligible to contest.

The president also appealed to members to attend the denary leadership workshop coming up on the 3rd of March at All Saints Dutse Alhaji. Each precipitant are to pay the sum of N500.00.

Cultural Fiesta: Sis Lizzy Nwoga the chairperson apologised to the general house that her report was not ready. She promised the house that in the next meeting she will present it.

Rentals/Carwash Report: Bro Elvis Nwodo told the house that the project chairman travelled to Bayalsa and has mandated him to read the apology letter to the house before presenting   the report.

Because of the absent of the project chairman the house agreed that the apology letter should be kept in view until he comes.

Sapientia Magazine Report: Sis Cynthia Mozie presented the report on behalf the chairman. Sis said the report was with the audit committee for signing.

Almanac update: Sis said the almanac will be ready at the general meeting. She called on members to pay their money. Workers are to pay N1000.00 while non-workers N500.

 Zonal heads: The president bro Jeremiah Adaji called on zonal heads that did not come for general meeting in the month of January to bring their apology letter during March meeting.

NYD: The president bro Jeremiah Adaji informed the general informed the house that 2018 NYD comes up 7th to 11th August at Calabar. He said we will go on convoy. The president said the parish will sponsor 5 persons that are active.

Deanery starting the year with the Lord: The president reported that it was successful.

The president bro Jeremiah Adaji informed the house that 15 people travelled to Bayelsa on behalf of the organization for the burial of sis Blessing Agala’s mum. He said the parish bus they used broke down in Asaba but they still find their way to Bayelsa in other to join in the burial. The president said money was borrowed to give to some of them who are stock in Bayelsa to come back to enable them resume work. He called for voluntary donation which members contributed.

 Award Night update: The Dos I bro Cletus Anowu presented the 3 types of award that will be given out.

  1. Award of service
  2. Award of honour
  3. Award of merit.

Bro called on the entrepreneurs to partner with them so as to advertise their product.

He also urged members to pick their ticket. VIP ticket 1500 and 500 ticket.

The chairman displayed the different awards to be given out to the general house. Rex Christus hall is the venue.

Leadership seminar comes up on Thursday.  He urged all members to attend and get certificate of participation.

Election: A letter from Abuja archdiocese was read to the house by the vice president bro Moses Kpaasu.

It was read that Cyon general election shall be every 4years on expiration of the tenure of office of the incumbent executive, who on or before the Election Day, shall have presented the account of their stewardship to the organization.

Age limit:

Office of president – 25 to 32 years

Other offices – 20 to 32 years

-You must be financial up to date

– Baptismal card and leadership certificate is compulsory.


The president bro Jeremiah Adaji advised members not to campaign for anyone , he said we should allow God to choose his leaders.

CYON general election in all parishes will be in April.

Sports: The president informed the house that the sports chairman bro Joseph Ekpo travelled to Bayelsa. The president said we should all get ready for the inter-zonal and inter-parish competition. He said the competition timetable will be out soon.

Passion of Christ Rehearsals: The vice president bro Moses Kpaasu informed the house that rehearsal is done on Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays. He appealed to members to come out and participate in the passion of Christ rehearsals.

Financial Report: The financial secretary sis Ebere Onuoha apologized to general house that her report was ready but the audit committee has not seen it.

The president bro Jeremiah Adaji said the report should not exceed March meeting.

Zonal Report

2/1 zone bro Paschal Nwamgbo informed the house that bro Godstime Amesere is with their zonal money and they cannot get to him.


 Chaplain’s Report

The general house welcomed our chaplain REV. Fr, Damian Akut with the youth Anthem.

Fr. Apologized for not making it the meeting most times.  Fr. Said he has appealed to parishioners to give youths job that doing this, will reduce the ills in the society. He appealed to members to come out for passion of Christ rehearsals.

Fr. Said award will be given only to active executives.

Fr. urged us to try our best to keep the new members and he asked us to send suggestions on how to better the youth.

The president bro Jeremiah Adaji appreciated the chaplain for coming around.


Electoral Committee: The president announced to the house that Fr. Has mandated him to bring capable people for the committee.


  • Bro Stephenmary John said why he has not been frequent to the meeting was that he lost his blood brother. He encouraged members to make ourselves known in the village using his late brother as an example that he was not known in the village.
  • Bro Zino Aterezi said he doesn’t receive CYON mail.
  • Bro said when he joined the organization the vice president promised reaching out to them but he never did.
  • Bro Josephmary Ejeh called on members to avail themselves for youth choir rehearsals every Sunday.
  • Sis Jacobs Constance said an executive that is not properly dressed should not be allowed to seat at the executive table during meeting.
  • Sis appreciated CYON for visiting her when she had an accident. Sis  specially thanked the vice president and bro Ernest Amadi.
  • Sis said sms should be sent to members to remind them of wedding levies.
  • Bro Paschal Nwamgbo said the pitch problem should be resolved.
  • In response the vice president said henceforth CYON members who are done with their probation will be recognised in the general meeting. He said he will be sending sms to new members
  • He thanked God for Sis Jacobs Constance life.
  • He urged members to identify with their zones and when sick, inform their zone.
  • He called on new members to visit CYON website for minutes.



  • The Jacobs family invites CYON to the birthday celebration/thanksgiving of their beloved father. Date, 31st March at Nkpola Villa, Abia State.
  • Award Night comes up on 10th March at Rex Christus Hall.
  • National youth exchange fair is N965,000 at panama USA.
  • Archdiocesan new coordinator is bro Nicholas Dikeh
  • Archdiocesan Bi-law has been adopted.
  • YOWICAN Election: Catholic youth came out as an assistant secretary
  • Provincial Election: The office of the president, PRO and Provost has been zoned to Abuja and Lafia Archdiocese.
  • The president informed the house that archdiocesan vigil was held and only 2 persons came from CKC.


Vote of thanks: The vote of thanks was given by sis Lizzy Nwoga for their patience during the meeting. Sis thanked members who visited her when she was ill.


Finance: The amount realized from dues, levies, registration etc was N15,400.


Adjournment: The motion for the adjournment of the meeting was moved by bro Paschal Nwamgbo and the motion was seconded by sis Jacobs Constance.


Closing: The meeting came to a close with a closing prayer said by the president bro Jeremiah Adaji by 1:51pm.



Bro Jeremiah Adaji                                                                                     Sis Okoye Agnes Nonye

President                                                                                                         Secretary

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